Protect Yourself from Regulators & Possible Litigation

State regulators require businesses with radiation in the workplace to know how much radiation their workers are exposed to. If the workers are likely to receive 10% of the yearly limit of radiation set by federal regulations (10 CFR 20.1201), the employer must monitor workers with a radiation dosimetry badge (Film Badge, TLD badge, etc.).

A business can measure for likely radiation exposure by having a highly trained consultant come out to the facility to measure radiation levels periodically. The alternative is the business can issue dosimetry badges to their employees or post what is called an area monitor badge in the work location to prove the dose is not above the badging threshold. The consultant can be quite expensive and can only tell the business what the radiation levels were when the measurements were taken. This leaves the business open to possible liability. if a former worker decides to sue if they become ill (about one out of three people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer). Placing an area monitor badge or badging all potentially exposed individuals removes all reasonable doubt as to the amount of radiation received by the worker.

Sierra Radiation Dosimetry Service, Inc. uses a radiation dosimetry process accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) through the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP). This gives assurance that the radiation reports the business receives are accurate and represent a formidable proof of the actual radiation hazards present in the workplace. It also shows the business is thorough and cautious in its approach to employee health and welfare.