How to ensure you get the best results from your Radiation Dosimetry Service

  1. Always wear your dosimetry badge when working.
  2. Do not wear your X-Ray Badge (dosimeter) when you are receiving x-rays for your own personal health care.
  3. Do not wear your badge when you go home, or out for lunch.
  4. Wear your dosimetry badge outside of your lead apron (unless using more than one radiation dosimeter).
  5. Turn your x-ray badge in promptly. Time gaps make analysis more difficult, less accurate, and reduces the legal and historical value of the reports.
  6. Report any lost/damaged unit immediately (sunshine/heat, the washer, etc.). Prevent damage by not leaving your monitor in areas of high temperature.
  7. Place the control in a radiation-safe area; this affects the accuracy of all your dosimeters!
    - Your Control Badge is NOT for testing (operator booth, receptionist's desk, etc.). Additional badges for testing can be assigned and provided by Sierra Radiation Dosimetry Service.
  8. Sharing dosimetry badges can invalidate the reading for each individual.
  9. Do not tamper with your badge or anyone else's. The reports are legal documents and are regarded as real exposures received.